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BREAKING: The Future of OttO Vector — OttO Vector

BREAKING: The Future of OttO Vector

Big changes loom on OttO Vector’s horizon- but what do they entail?

Let’s keep this simple and to-the-point, shall we?  This autumn, two (2) members of OttO Vector will be pulling roots from Detroit and permanently transplanting to NYC.  We won’t specifically state who is moving- that particular nugget is for the future settlers to discuss as they see fit.

So yeah- big news, right?  But what does this mean for OttO’s future?  We’ll address the obvious questions:

Is OttO Vector disbanding?  No- we’ll def continue to write and release new music- it’s what we do!  Sonic and Ginseng have been writing partners for over 12 years, and some of the other gents have been jamming together since before you were born.  Expect these relationships to continue!

Will OttO Vector still perform live?  The plan is “yes,” but who knows what the future holds.  Due to obvious logistics, any future performances will most definitely be few and far-between.  We have just ONE show on the schedule– and that’s it.  While more may pop up over the summer, there’s still just one “official” gig to be played.

Is OttO’s current lineup going to change?  Maybe?  It’s possible.  We’re not ruling anything out at this point.

Lloyd the Van- yea/nay?  Sorry, but Lloyd’s days with OV are numbered.  In case anybody’s interested, Lloyd’s looking for a loving family to adopt him!

Will you hold me close when I cry?  Sure, but you’ll have to pay extra for that.

…and that’s pretty much the story.  Please share this with your OttO Vector fan-friends!  Questions/comments/concerns?  Sound off below!  In the meantime, clear your calendars for the June 13th Luna gig!