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5 Bits to Byte — OttO Vector

5 Bits to Byte

Released: November 16, 2007

OttO Vector 5 bits to byteTrack Listing:

  1. Dr. Wiley
  2. Otto Pilot
  3. The Rain
  4. I Can’t Stand
  5. Don’t Interrupt
  6. The Lake House
  7. Tangents
  8. Mitch
  9. The Ponderance of Lonely Girls on a Porch
  10. Shique
  11. Just As Much As You
  12. Guy’s Bad Dream


All songs written, produced, engineered and mixed by OttO Vector [M. Glaser, A. Lemanek, R. Miller, W. Daviddi, D. Lee].  Published by WHERE DO THESE STAIRS GO (ASCAP)

Lyrics, Photos and MORE:

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The 2-Bit Story of 5 Bits To Byte

“I grind it into a paste…”  Following the somewhat disjointed (and financially draining) 3-D Odyssey adventure, OttO Vector occupied their time writing, performing and dabbling in the mystical art of chicken farming.  After 13 (thirteen, of course) months, the band felt the unmistakable allure of the studio, and it was once again time to tackle another album.  To better control the production’s cost, schedule and artistic vision, OttO Vector opted to both produce and record 5 Bits To Bite themselves.

Production of 5 Bits To Byte commenced in the first days of August 2007.  Sonic and Ginseng were consumed by the daunting task of recording and mixing the album under a fairly tight deadline (foolishly, the CD-release show had already been scheduled), and there was not a moment to spare.  To salvage every shred of time and sanity, the band hired producer/engineer Gregg Leonard (3-D Odyssey) to record the vocal tracks in his Ann Arbor (MI) studio.  Though the majority of Byte’s songs existed prior to production, several tracks (The Lake House, Mitch, The Ponderance of Lonely Girls on a Porch and Shique’s extended denouement) were studio constructs written during production- and had never actually been performed by the band.

Mere hours before OttO Vector embarked on a multi-gig weekend in NYC, 5 Bits To Byte’s frantic production wrapped under Halloween’s evening skies.  5 Bits To Byte was released at Luna (Royal Oak, MI) on November 16th, 2007.

Fun Facts:

Guy’s Bad Dream (the albums “hidden” bonus track) is a chiptune remix of OttO Vector’s “You Can’t Tell Me.”  Produced in 2003, the basement demo recording was used to solicit the band’s music to club promoters.  In fact, the original recording was instrumental in securing OttO Vector’s first-ever public performance, which took place at Ann Arbor’s The Blind Pig in January 2004.


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This album is available for purchase from your favorite digital audio retailer (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.).  If you absolutely MUST have a CD, physical media can be purchased at any OttO Vector performance or from cdbaby.

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