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3-D Odyssey — OttO Vector

3-D Odyssey

Released: June 10, 2006

OttO Vector 3-D OdysseyTrack Listing:

  1. Never Forget
  2. Take It All Off
  3. Darrin
  4. Next To You
  5. Simple Things
  6. Show Me a Time
  7. Lots To Say
  8. On My Own
  9. That Way (Kernel Mix) [AUDIOQUIRKS BONUS TRACK]


Produced by Gregg Leonard with OttO Vector.  All songs written by OttO Vector [M. Glaser, A. Lemanek, R. Miller, W. Daviddi, D. Lee].  Published by WHERE DO THESE STAIRS GO (ASCAP)

Lyrics, Photos and MORE:

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The Extended Voyage of 3-D Odyssey

“I walked in the house, and sure enough- the cat’s a**hole was hanging out of his body again.”  As is so often the case with musical journeys, OttO Vector’s songwriting continued to evolve in a post-Dv2.0 world.  Performing at Ann Arbor’s The Blind Pig in the summer of 2005, the band was spotted by producer Gregg Leonard.  Impressed, Leonard offered OttO Vector a spot on his soundtrack for Feed (The Movie Soundtrack).

“Gregg dug what we were doing, and wanted OttO to be part of the soundtrack he was producing,” explained Mike “Sonic” Glaser.  “He wanted a cover of The Divinyls’ I Touch Myself, and suggested that we’d be the perfect band to do it.  A movie soundtrack?!  Yes, have some!”

Pleased with the results of their Feed collaboration, OttO Vector recruited Leonard to produce their next studio endeavor.  Nearly one year since the release of Dv2.0, production of 3-D Odyssey commenced in autumn of 2005.  The band aspired to utilize a professional studio to capture their “live” sound…without compromising the electronic backbone that defined OttO Vector’s musical heritage.  The songs were recorded with a assortment of vintage guitars, modern synths and antique computers, resulting in a product that was decidedly much more rock-n-roll than the band expected.

Andrew “Ginseng” Lemanek: “Our lack of experience, funding and dedicated studio time caused the project to extend beyond…EIGHT months.  Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of what we were originally trying to accomplish.  It wasn’t due to lack of passion or commitment- we simply overthought and over-scrutinized every little nuance of every single song…for months!

Was it really that bad?

Of course we were extremely proud of the finished album,” mused Ginseng.  “In addition to being a pretty solid collection of songs, 3-D Odyssey stands as a unique musical record of some very strange evenings fueled by party store pizza slices, Detroit Briefcases and the always-amusing tales of Gregg ‘Pussyfoot’ Leonard.  We wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

3-D Odyssey was released at The Majestic Theatre (Detroit, MI) on June 10, 2006.

Fun Facts:

Though most of the album’s songs were “road tested” before recording, neither Simple Things nor On My Own had been previously performed on stage (in fact, On My Own was written the day before its recording).  That Way [Kernel Mix] marked the band’s first inclusion of an “8-bit remix” bonus track, which would become a long-running tradition on all future OttO Vector albums.

…and why record yet another version of Lots To Say (previously featured on 2004’s Dv2.0)?  “I saw OttO Vector perform at a club in Toledo,” recalled producer Gregg Leonard.  “As soon as the song [Lots To Say] started, all the 19-year-old girls in the room jumped up and started dancing.  I knew then that we had to include it on the album!”


The Record – MEGA Interview


This album is available for purchase from your favorite digital audio retailer (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.).  If you absolutely MUST have a CD, physical media can be purchased at any OttO Vector performance or from cdbaby.

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